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Preventing wrist contractures prevents weakness

If stroke causes weakness or paralysis in your wrist and hands (also known as hemiplegia), one step in maintaining […]

“Bionic Brace” Giving Paralyzed Stroke Victims Their Legs Back

According to the National Stroke Association up to 90% of stroke victims experience some form of paralysis. The two most […]

Great Places to Vacation That Are Handicapped-Accessible

For people who have had a stroke or have some other sort of condition that requires them to use […]

Special Stroke Signs in Women, Plus What To Do When Stroke Hits

People should be aware of the signs of a possible stroke so that they can act as quickly as […]

7 Ways to Stay Active All Year Round

Many people like to make excuses for why they do not exercise when the weather turns cold or unpleasant. […]

Wheelchair Choice Tips After Your Stroke

As you are recovering from your stroke, you may need to use a wheelchair for some aspects of your […]

How To Improve Walking and Mobility After a Stroke

Most stroke survivors are able to walk again after they suffer a stroke. Of course, your ability in this […]

4 Travel Tips After a Stroke

Traveling and seeing new places is one of the great joys of life, and is something we still can […]

What You Should Expect During Your Stroke Rehabilitation – Mobility Focus

Rehabilitating from your stroke is a vital part of your recovery, so you can regain as much function in […]

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