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After suffering a stroke, we find that the #1 concern from most of our clients is to get back on your feet and to return to normal… as much as possible.

One of the primary goals of stroke rehabilitation is to relearn skills lost when the stroke affected part of your brain.

We offer many daily living aids to help make the recovery period much easier and help you with your daily activities.

Adapting your home environment ¬†and making your daily routines easier… such as bathing, dressing, eating and mobility aids can make life easier for the stroke victim and the caregiver.


Bathing and Grooming Aids

Adaptive bathing, grooming and personal hygiene aids can help stroke sufferers remain independent. You can retain your dignity!Learn More

Bedroom Safety & Comfort Aids

Bedroom Safety & Comfort Aids help Stroke Survivors feel comfortable and safe at home in their bedrooms.Learn More

Books, Resources & Videos

Books, Resources & Videos for Stroke Survivors help caregivers maintain an active and independent lifestyle.Learn More

Dining Aids

Help make dining, eating, drinking and feeding – a little easier for stroke victims and caregivers. Make eating with the final enjoyable again.Learn More


Dressing Aids

Dressing Aids for Stroke Victims help increase dressing independence.Learn More

Mobility Aids

Mobility Aids help Stroke Survivors maintain an active and independent lifestyle.Learn More

Personal Hygiene Aids

Adaptive personal hygiene aids and toileting aids can help stroke sufferers remain independent.Learn More

Wheelchair Positions Aids

Improve comfort, provide safety and protect against skin breakdown for stroke survivors.Learn More