Many people like to make excuses for why they do not exercise when the weather turns cold or unpleasant. This is not a good thing! It is especially important if you have had a stroke or a heart problem to continue to stay active all year round. Staying active can really help to speed your recovery from your stroke or heart problem.

Below are some tips on how to keep your blood moving when winter hits:

  1. Find new activities – When the snow falls, there are many new activities that you can try, such as cross country skiing or snow shoeing. If that is too difficult for you to do after a stroke, there are plenty of indoor locations that you can use for walking. Many malls open early now so people can go walking in them before the crowds hit at 9 am.
  2. Keep your body insulated – If you are going to be doing activities outside in winter, dress in layers. This will help you to stay dry and warm. It also lets you take the top layer off if you get too warm. The layer of clothing that is closest to your skin should wick away moisture. Think about buying garments made from polypropylene. Do not use cotton as the first layer of clothing, as it will stay wet.
  3. Try to keep clothes on – You may want to take layers off when you go back inside, but you should give your body more time to adjust. If it was really cold outside, you could cause your body to lose heat too fast, and can even experience hypothermia.
  4. Drink plenty of water – Even though it is cold outside, you still want to stay hydrated during winter activities. Drink water before, during and after your activity.
  5. Use daylight – Try to do your activities when it is still light outside. If you do have to work out in the dark, be sure to wear reflective materials and carry a small flashlight so cars can see you.
  6. Try swimming – This is a wonderful aerobic activity that is easy on the body and can help you to recover from a stroke. You need to be sure that you are able to swim well enough post-stroke so that you are safe. Have a buddy with you to lend a hand and to keep you safe, if you have limited movement in any of your extremities.
  7. Try climbing stairs – This is another excellent way to stay fit when it is cold outside. If you spend as little as five minutes going up the steps daily, this can help to keep you in shape.

Stroke Aids To Help Keep You Active and Independent

security pole and grab bar

To stay active and as healthy as possible after your stroke, you can use these helpful products to keep you moving. Posey Fall Management Non Slip Large Socks are great to prevent you from slipping as you walk around the house. If you are still having some issues getting up from a seated position, our Security Pole and Grab Bar can make this much easier.