For people who have had a stroke or have some other sort of condition that requires them to use a wheelchair, going on vacation can be intimidating. Many of the one if five Americans who are disabled believe that finding a handicapped-accessible destination is too difficult. Fortunately, more parks, hotels and cities are making efforts in America to improve access for people with disabilities. So, those with disabilities can feel comfortable hitting the road for a vacation! Below are four destinations that are really accessible for all:

#1 Hilton Head Island

This coastal town in South Carolina was one of the very first to put beach mats in at all beach access points. This allows people in wheelchairs to go over the sand and get to the water. They also have beach wheelchairs that can be rented. Also, the Omni Hilton Head Resort has accessible rooms that feature roll in showers and large doorways.


#2 Las Vegas

This highly popular desert city works hard to accommodate all of its 40 million visitors each year. Most hotels and casinos in Las Vegas feature ramps and slot machines and tables that are wheelchair accessible. Some also have lifts so you can enter the swimming pool. There also is a monorail system and overhead walkways that feature elevators, which make it easy for those in a wheelchair to get around the Strip.

#3 Yosemite National Park

This is one of the oldest national parks in California, and it has many services and areas that are very accessible to those with disabilities. Some of the features are restrooms and campsites that are accessible, shuttle buses with wheelchair lifts at no cost, and some trails that are accessible by wheelchair.

#4 Disney World

This might not seem like a place to go in a wheelchair, but actually these theme parks in Orlando FL have several very accessible transportation options. Some of these include electric scooter rentals, which are $50, and also accessible monorails, buses and boats. Many hotels also are fully accessible.


Wheelchair Accessories

If you are going on a trip and are in a wheelchair due to a disability, you may want to consider some wheelchair accessories to make your trip easier. Our Awesome Grip Hand Rim Covers fit the push wheels of a standard size manual wheelchair. They give your hands a softer gripping surface:


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Have a great trip and enjoy some of America’s most accessible tourist destinations!