As you are recovering from your stroke, you may need to use a wheelchair for some aspects of your daily living. No matter if this is just a temporary need or one that is more permanent, it is important for your well being to choose a wheelchair that works well for you.

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Posey Wheelchair Side Supports will make your wheelchair more comfortable.

Wheelchair Types

There are three basic types from which you can choose:

  • A self propelled wheelchair that you control and power
  • A wheelchair that is propelled by a caregiver
  • An electric powered wheelchair

Before you actually select a wheelchair, you should think about a few things. How long are you going to need the wheelchair after your stroke? Are you going to be using it mostly indoors or outdoors? How easy is it to get in and out of your car’s trunk? Will the wheelchair be managed by you, or will you have a caregiver to assist you most of the time?

Every type of wheelchair has various pluses and minuses, so what you choose depends upon your personal situation. For instance, an electric wheelchair is very useful for extensive use outside where you need to cover longer distances. But they are heavy and difficult to transport without a vehicle modified for the purpose.

If you choose a manual wheelchair, you can purchase a standard or an active user version. A regular wheelchair can only take very limited modifications. However, an active user wheelchair offers much flexibility and can be adapted to your personal needs. Naturally, an active user wheelchair is more costly.

Wheelchair Design Tips

Remember that the design of your wheelchair will have an effect on how it may be used. Things that you should look for:

  • Larger wheels in the rear, which will make your wheelchair easier to move around
  • Wheels that are place further forward on an axle that can be adjusted – means less effort is needed to move the wheelchair
  • Lighter chair that can easily fold or be taken apart is much more convenient if it needs to be transported often
  • Consider size of seat, style, angle, and positioning of the arm, foot and back rests. All of these will have a major effect on how comfortable the chair is, hour after hour

Stroke Aid Supplies for Wheelchairs

Whatever choice you make for your wheelchair, you can find some very helpful stroke supplies to help you make your wheelchair more comfortable for you. The Posey Leg and Foot Hugger will give you better leg positioning to increase your comfort level and to stop footdrop. Posey Wheelchair Side Supports will fit snugly in your wheelchair so that you have improved bilateral upper torso support. The side supports are able to be easily attached with the included hook and loop straps.

By selecting a good wheelchair with the appropriate supplies, your stroke recovery will be smoother and more comfortable.