A new clinical study in Taiwan found that acupuncture can be effective for improving balance and coordination for stroke survivors. Researchers at the Taipei Medical University did a study with a group of patients receiving acupuncture, and a control group. The group receiving acupuncture showed clinical superior results for patients who had suffered a stroke.

This study was done in a hospital ward at the medical university. Sixty six patients were assigned to each group, for a total of 132 subjects. The results indicated that acupuncture did improve balance when it was added onto the rehab phase of treatment for hemiplegic stroke sufferers who had a low Brunnstrom stage (Br). The Br stages were developed by a physical therapist in Sweden, and it measures motor activity levels.


The design of this study reflected normal practices for licensed acupuncturists. Physiotherapy was used with acupuncture for the acupuncture group, and physiotherapy alone was used for the control group. Postural assessment was done for static and dynamic balance values. Positive clinical results were noted for the patients who received acupuncture. The study showed that acupuncture causes a large increase in static balance measures for patients who have had a hemiplegic stroke, when given with physiotherapy.


The study confirms other studies that have shown that acupuncture is effective for both treating and preventing strokes. Another study found that acupuncture can work to reduce stroke risk for patients who have had a serious brain injury. Another study found that acupuncture also is highly effective for treating shoulder pain after a stroke. About 70% of all stroke patients have serious shoulder pain after their stroke. In that study, it also was found that acupuncture can be effective to improve post-stroke hand movements, as well as difficulties with walking. The group that received acupuncture had better hand function and better walking ability, as well as better performance in the activities of daily living.

Also, another clinical trial found that acupuncture can be effective to reduce infarct size after an ischemia/reperfusion injury. The researchers in that study found that acupuncture had a serious impact on infarct size and boosted neurological function.

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