Recent statistics on stroke note that seven million people in the US have survived a stroke and are living after the event. However, this number does not in any way reflect the number of people who are affected by either the stroke itself or by caring for someone who has had a stroke.

While few people ever are really prepared for the often serious effects of this condition, be assured that survivors of strokes and their families can usually find good solutions to the problems that strokes pose.

stroke recovery

Stroke affects many functions of the body, but recovery is possible for many people.

Facts About Early Recovery

We still do not fully understand how our brains are able to compensate for stroke damage. Some of the cells in the brain may only suffer temporary damage, and some may be able to resume normal function eventually. In some stroke cases, the brain is even able to reorganize its function with the parts of the brain that are still healthy. In some cases, a part of the brain may be able to take over for a part of the brain that is damaged by the stroke. Some survivors often have shocking recoveries from the stroke that cannot be explained fully by medical science.

Some interesting facts about recovery include:

  • 10% of survivors recover almost right away
  • 25% recover with some minor physical impairments
  • 40% have moderate or severe impairments
  • 10% need care in a long term care facility
  • 15% do not survive

Facts About Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation from a stroke can start in the hospital soon after the stroke is over. In a stable patient, the rehab usually can start within 48 hours of the stroke. It should be continued after the patient leaves the hospital for as long as is required.

Depending upon how severe the stroke was, some of the rehabilitation options include:

  • A rehab unit in a local hospital
  • A subacute care facility in a hospital
  • A hospital that specialized in rehabilitation
  • Therapy at home
  • Home care with outpatient therapy as needed
  • A long term care center that can provide highly skilled nursing care

Stroke Products and Resources

For patients and families that are seeking advice and resources for stroke recovery, there are many excellent stroke products available. The Family Guide to Long Term Care is a helpful DVD series that can provide you with some answers to the questions that so many families ask after a stroke. These DVDs have much vital information to share that will benefit the entire family during the patient’s stroke recovery.

For the stroke patient that is largely confined to the bed or wheelchair for a period of time, Chair Aerobics for Everyone is a helpful DVD. You will learn to perform exercises in the wheelchair or bed that can increase energy levels, boost muscle strength, and improve the immune system.