Healthy eating is always important for our good health, but it is especially important when we are recovering from a serious medical event, such as a stroke. As we recognize National Nutrition Month in March, we should remember that healthy eating means that we should make informed food choices and continue to develop good eating habits as we recover.

Some of the results of eating well include feeling more energetic, staying healthy, and being able to recover from your stroke more quickly. Having healthy eating habits also can help you to lose weight and to lower high blood pressure.

Of course, embracing healthy eating habits can be hard – changing those old habits can be difficult. The key to remember is to make one healthy change at a time. Implement each one into your daily life, and then over time, implement another change, and then another. states that your plate at each meal should be 1/2 fruits and vegetables, about 1/4 lean protein, and 1/4 whole grains.

Remember: Healthy eating habits are important for all survivors of stroke, because up to 34% suffer from malnutrition. This means that they are not getting enough vitamins and minerals in the foods that they eat. Think about the following as you are preparing your meals:

  • Eat a wide variety of foods daily
  • Eat natural foods with many different colors
  • Eat 4 or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily
  • Include plenty of fiber
  • Keep fat and sodium intake low
  • Eat smaller meals, but more of them

The sooner you embrace these healthy eating habits, the easier it will be for you to maintain them all through your life. Remember to make just one small change in your eating habits at a time. Set small goals in increments so you have the highest chance of success in changing your eating habits for the better.

Helpful Cooking Aids for Stroke

pot stabilizer

Pot Stabilizer

Having helpful aids in the kitchen and in the dining room for eating and preparing meals will make it easier for stroke survivors to get good, balanced nutrition. The Pot Stabilizer will prevent your pot from moving while the contents are being stirred. This is very convenient for people who can use only one hand. Also, consider the Non Skid, No Slip Cutting Board. This handle kitchen tool features aluminum food spikes in the board to hold food as you cut it. It also has four suction feet on the bottom to hold the board in place.