As a caregiver, providing your loved one with a balanced diet is fairly easy, but it can be difficult to get her to eat the foods that you want. As we age, we often get more stubborn and set in our ways, and your loved one may become difficult about eating some healthier foods.


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Also, as people age, and particularly after a major health problem such as a stroke, the appetite may lag. Some of the things that can cause appetite problems include:

  • Dysphagia, or trouble swallowing (try our Dysphagia Cup)
  • Teeth problems
  • Trouble with eating utensils due to hand weakness (try the Meat Cutter Rocker Knife)
  • Drug side effects
  • Inability to taste some foods due to changes in the brain


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However, one thing that most elderly will continue to eat readily are sweets. It can become frustrating for a caregiver who wants to provide good nutrition, if all your loved one wants to eat are sugary foods.

ice cream

Ice cream usually is a favorite treat for the elderly

Keep these pointers in mind regarding your loved one and sweet foods:

  • Many sugary foods are high in calories and have a lot of fat as well. Some of these high calorie foods, such as cake, ice cream and cookies, are often fine for the elderly, as they often lose reserves of fat as they get older. If your loved one is really craving some sweets such as ice cream, it is ok for her to have reasonable quantities each day.
  • As you try to manage the diet of your loved one, be sure that she is making her regular doctor visits and his or her orders are being adhered to as much as you can. Your loved one who suffered a stroke will probably not be able to manage her nutrition on her own. Work with her doctor to keep her on a good nutritional path.
  • Your loved one may have problems with swallowing, chewing or digesting foods after a stroke. So, it makes sense for her to choose soft, sweet foods, such as a cupcake or piece of cake. Tooth pain and dentures are commonly at fault for the poor appetite of a senior citizen as well.


Cupcakes are soft, and are a favorite too, but don’t let her overeat these

One good option to keep your loved one on a good nutritional path, while satisfying that sweet tooth, is the smoothie. Smoothies made in a blender can be chock full of good nutrients, taste great and have plenty of calories. They also can be tailored to the sweet tastes of your loved one. Add in plenty of fruits, powdered protein, vanilla yogurt and milk for a delicious sweet treat that is good for her too.

Remember, some sweet treats are fine, but it is vitally important for you to make sure that your loved one continues to get the nutrients she needs to recover from her stroke.