So many stroke survivors find it challenging to continue to cook on their own because one of their arms is weak or paralyzed. This can be particularly difficult if your good hand is weak or not able to work at all. But do not worry – you do not have to limit your cooking due to this problem!

multi function

You can still cook and chop after your stroke, even with one hand, with the Multi-Function Food Preparation Board.

There are ways to participate in your favorite activities, such as cooking, with one hand. Below are some simple, helpful tips to get yourself cooking again:

  1. Starting Out – It is best for you to start simple when you start cooking after your ¬†stroke. Don’t try to do anything too complicated. Begin with basic tasks, such as peeling a carrot (try our EZ Peel Vegetable Peeler), or spreading butter on a piece of bread. Also, it is wise to prep your ingredients before you start. that way you will have all that you need available. Having everything that you need to cook right from the start will cut down on your stress.
  2. Important Kitchen Tools РBefore you start cooking, you should make sure that you have a good adapted cutting board, such as  our Swedish Cutting Board . This board is designed to help people who cook with one hand. The cup has suction cups, spikes or straps to hold the board and food in place for you. Also, be sure that you have a very sharp knife that easily cuts through whatever you are cutting. Last, have a bench scraper, which is used to cut dough and related pastry items. It also can be used to clean up the counter.

If you ever get overwhelmed with cooking after your stroke, take a big, deep breath. Think about how much progress you have made since you had the stroke! Every small thing that you relearn to do on your own again post stroke is a big victory.

And remember, if you really enjoy cooking, you always can ask a friend or loved one to help you with some of the more challenging aspects of cooking. Have her chop up carrots or onions for you in advance. Just keep them in a bag in the fridge when you need them!