Just as any part of the home, the bathroom can be quite hazardous for anyone who had a stroke recently. The good news is that there are plenty of stroke aids and stroke supplies available to make your bathing much safer. Also, be sure to keep in mind these tips about bathing after a stroke:

  1. Grab bars on the shower wall or the tub can make it a lot easier for you to get in and out without needing help. Grab bars also help to provide you with balance while you are showering.
  2. To keep yourself from slipping, it is a good idea to have a no-skid rubber mat installed on the floor of your tub or shower. Also, you should have a no-skid bath mat on the floor outside the tub.
  3. If you have any trouble standing in the shower, you should have a folding chair in the shower. Also, a handheld showerhead can be easily installed so that the water stream is at a lower level.
  4. If you need to use a walker or wheelchair, you can have a roll-in shower installed.
  5. It is very important to set the water heater temp in your house to no more than 120 degrees F. If the water is set higher than that, it can easily scald you in just a few seconds. Also, an anti-scald product can be installed on the showerhead. When the flow goes over 120 degrees, the water flow will stop.
  6. A sponge with a long handle, or a long back scrubber can make it easier for you to wash hard to reach areas of your body.
  7. Body soap in a bottle that you pump is easier to handle than a bar of soap, which is very easy to drop. A soap gripper can help. A liquid soap dispenser can be installed on the shower wall.  
  8. If you have any trouble using your hands, lever handled faucets can be put in that can be turned on or off with a wrist or arm.
  9. At the sink, you may want to have a sink installed with no cabinets underneath. This makes it simple to have your wheelchair or walker supporting you as you shave or brush your teeth.
  10. At the toilet, you may want to have handrails installed so that you can sit down and get up from the toilet with little assistance. You also can have a toilet chair with raised seat put in.
  11. Flushable, premoistened toilet wipes are helpful so that cleaning yourself after you use the toilet is easier.
  12. In case you have any accidents at the toilet, you should keep a set of clean clothes in the bathroom, so there is no fuss or embarrassment.

Making the proper modifications to your bathroom with bathroom stroke aids can really make a difference if you have had a stroke. You may wish to speak with an occupational therapist, who can advise you on how to modify your home to better deal with your current health care needs.