As we start to get older and we lose muscle and gain fat, we also start to break down alcohol more slowly in our bodies. All of these factors make older people more sensitive to alcohol’s effects. Also, high use of alcohol can contribute to diseases that are affected by blood circulation, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. If our bodies are affected by these health problems, they can greatly increase our risk of stroke.

Research shows that excessive drinking and binge drinking both can cause blood pressure to go up and increase stroke risk. High blood pressure can develop in older patients when the blood going through the blood vessels is high on a consistent basis. ‘High’ is usually considered more than 140/90, and should not be higher than 120/80 at rest. It also is thought that people who have variable blood pressure are at a higher risk for stroke as well.


Too much alcohol can greatly increase risk of stroke.

Stroke and Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes can be caused by heavy amounts of alcohol consumption, due to how the body is responding to insulin. Alcoholic drinks have a lot of calories, so drinking a lot can make you gain a lot of weight. This causes your risk of type 2 diabetes to increase. Drinking a lot also can cause your pancreas to become inflamed, which can reduce your production of insulin. One in three people who develop an inflamed pancreas can develop diabetes. Diabetes can also increase your chance of stroke.

Stroke and Heart Problems

Drinking a lot also can cause damage to the heart. It may raise your cholesterol and triglycerides, which can increase the risk of both heart disease and stroke. Note that heavy drinking also can cause atrial fibrillation, which is an irregular beating of the heart. This also can greatly increase stroke risk.

Even if you only drink in moderate amounts, consuming alcohol can cause levels of homocysteine to increase in your blood. This can boost the chances of blood clots, and also is linked to the health condition atherosclerosis, which is where the arteries harden and develop plaque inside. This may increase the chance of a blockage occurring, which also can cause strokes.

Very Moderate Drinking Can Reduce Stroke Risk

There also is some evidence suggesting that drinking small amounts of alcohol each week can cut your risk of heart disease and stroke. For example, no more than one drink per day may help to provide some level of protection against stroke. But experts agree that there are more healthy ways to reduce chance of stroke. These include eating a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Stroke Aids

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