Helpful Information for Stroke Victims

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Using bedside commodes after stroke

Strokes can cause paralysis to varying degrees in one or both sides of the individual, and this makes getting […]

AFib Can Boost Risk of Stroke After Heart Surgery

HealthDay reported this week that people who are 65+, and who have had a stroke, surgery on a heart […]

Stroke Can Affect Personal Hygiene in Ways You Can’t Imagine

After your stroke, you will deal with many challenges that affect how you take care of yourself, including maintaining […]

Moderate Drinking Can Lower Stroke Risk

A recent metaanalysis of several clinical studies indicates that drinking small amounts of alcohol each day can reduce one’s […]

Does Your Stroke Survivor Want to Forego Personal Hygiene?

There is no doubt: Keeping good personal hygiene after a stroke takes more effort than it once did. If […]

After Effects of Stroke – Aphasia and Apraxia

There are several communication disorders than can occur after you have a stroke or other type of brain injury. […]

Sex After a Stroke

Life after a stroke can be complicated as you recover. One of the areas that does not tend to […]

Can Dental Health Predict Stroke Risk?

Everyone knows that dental health is a key part of one’s overall good health, but can it also predict […]

Women Should Monitor Stroke Risk More Closely Than Men – Report

The Washington Post reported last week that women of all ages should be paying closer attention to stroke risk […]

How Alcohol Abuse Can Increase Stroke Risk

As we start to get older and we lose muscle and gain fat, we also start to break down […]

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