New guidelines were released recently that helps doctors to better assess and monitor the risk factors for survivors of stroke. Survivors should be familiar with the most common stroke risk factors. This way, you can plan ahead with your doctor to reduce your chances of having a recurrence.


  1. Hypertension – High blood pressure is without a doubt the most significant risk factor associated with a second stroke. If you have a BP of 140/90 or above, you should get treated for high blood pressure as soon as possible after you experience a stroke or TIA.
  2. Good nutrition – Stroke survivors are advised to have a complete nutritional assessment done to ensure that they are eating in a way that minimizes their chances of another stroke. It is a good idea to get a referral from your doctor to a nutritionist. You should reduce your sodium intake to lessen chances of blood pressure problems, and consider starting a Mediterranean style diet. This consists largely of olive oil, vegetables and smaller amounts of protein.
  3. Diabetes – If you had a stroke and have diabetes, you are at higher risk of a repeat event. This is because the most common risk factors of stroke also are the most common symptoms of diabetes. These include hypertension, high cholesterol and atrial fibrillation. Anyone who has had a stroke or TIA should be immediately screened for diabetes.
  4. Overweight – Being obese increases your chances of having high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol. If you have had a stroke or TIA, your doctor should screen you for obesity by checking your Body Mass Index, or BMI. If you have had a stroke and are overweight, lose weight by eating healthier and exercising.
  5. Atrial fibrillation (Afib): If you had a stroke, you should have your doctor monitor your heart rate for 30 days. This can determine if you suffer from Afib. This is an irregular heart beat that can increase your risk. Usually, Afib has no symptoms.

Remember: Within five years of a stroke, your risk of another increases by 40%. So be sure to get an appointment with your doctor after your stroke have a risk assessment done.

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Be sure to follow the above tips, including staying as active as possible, to reduce your chances of a recurring stroke.