Helpful Information for Stroke Victims

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May is National Stroke Awareness Month

Did you know that May is National Stroke Awareness Month? Here are some facts about strokes that you need […]

Many Seniors Over 60 Say It’s a Good Thing

Many of the recent studies of older adults often focus on aspects of aging that are negative, such as […]

Why Eating Bananas Can Reduce Stroke Risk for Older Women

Women after menopause who eat more potassium-rich foods, such as bananas, are not as likely to have a stroke, […]

Have You Had Your Cholesterol Checked Lately?

When did you have your cholesterol checked last? Many Americans do not know that all adults 20 and older […]

Study: Acupuncture Can Improve Balance After Stroke

A new clinical study in Taiwan found that acupuncture can be effective for improving balance and coordination for stroke […]

How You Can Satisfy Your Loved One’s Sweet Tooth

As a caregiver, providing your loved one with a balanced diet is fairly easy, but it can be difficult […]

June 9-15 Is National Men’s Health Week

The week of June 9-15 is National Men’s Health Week, and it’s a good time for all men to […]

May Is Stroke Awareness Month – Know the Signs!

A stroke also is referred to as a brain attack, and one happens every 40 seconds in the US, […]

How To Cook One-Handed After a Stroke

So many stroke survivors find it challenging to continue to cook on their own because one of their arms […]

Vision Perception Problems After a Stroke

Someone who survived a stroke can face a number of long term health issues. One of those is vision […]

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